We are on Fresh on the Net / BBC introducing

'YOU' - a track from our first album is featured on Fresh on the Net/BBC introducing with a great review. 


''This makes me smile. Not just a little twitch, but a big, full-on grin. Possibly from the audacity of the band’s name (who wouldn’t want THAT field trip?) definitely from the post-punk alt-rock kick of music, and most certainly from the quirky girl-vocal – is she channelling X-Ray Spex? Aside from a guitar-led intro, You is delivered with a relentlessly driving beat. What it misses in melody is more than made up in energy.''


Featured on Radio Shoreditch: Bugbear's R&R- with Woody Woodgate from Madness

Thanks to Tony Bugbear and Woody Woodgate from Madness for featuring our song 'Boy Under the Sun' on Radio Shoreditch amongst some of our favourite artists and a great review -
''..prowling out rock with a fiddle and a Pattie Smith meets Siouxsie vocal via backwards Americana Bad Seeds textures..''

Listen here: https://www.mixcloud.com/anthony-gleed/bugbears-rr-magic-not-mad-with-special-guests-woody-woodgate-and-graham-lambert/

Featured in Right Chord Music

Thanks to Right Chord Music for this great feature and review.

There are a ton of bands who describe their music as alternative, but in the case of Field Trip To The Moon and their debut single ‘Black Room’ it feels a justified and accurate tag. With low-fi production, hand claps, near whispered vocal delivery and plucked instrumentation the band create a blend of noir-drama that could have been written to sound-track an Edgar Allan Poe short-story. It intrigues from first to last, and leaves you wanting more.
Read more at http://www.rightchordmusic.co.uk/first-signs-of-love-no-90-field-trip-to-the-moon-black-room/#SFetPI4oTxuMzSPL.99